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Steven Rust Communications

Steve Rust

Steve is a strategically driven advertising professional who creates strong and powerful ideas across all digital and traditional channels for his clients.
His independence keeps him flexible and accountable, bringing craft, concept and storytelling together.


The ability to think differently is the definition of innovation.

To break through the heavy communications clutter in all markets today it is necessary to ignore industry norms and the way it has always been done, so potential customers are captured by something unexpected.

Steve offers a finely honed, distinctive thought process that explores a myriad of different angles, recognizing the difference between one off activities and long term branding, and how they combine. 


You have questions. Steve has answers.

Steve provides consulting services to a wide range of clients, on all aspects of marketing communications including branding, positioning, tone-of-voice and media selection. His wealth of experience spans a diverse collection of markets and provides in-depth, whole marketing advice to many clients.

Breakthrough Creative

Grab attention and hold on to it.

Don't expect Steve to copy your competitors because they are the leaders in your sector. Expect to become the leaders. He wants to make your competition crave to be like you. Developing your plan and building your brand. Creating identities and optimizing integrated strategies. All in a days work.


A selection of work

On the right is a small selection of work for some of Steve's clients. Email or text Steve and he'll send you a PDF with creative specific to your request.

Click here for a PDF of some of Steve's work in the healthcare sector.
A PDF of brand advertising creative.

  • "The ability to think differently is the definition of innovation"

  • "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Award winning

Marketing, Obies, NY Festivals, Summit, Clios, silver, gold, best in show. He's running out of shelf space. Seriously.

Reach Steve anytime

You get direct unfettered access. Email. Text. Zoom. 24/7.

Never underestimate experience

While hot-shot college grads arrive with fanfare and then are not so subtly absorbed into one of the multi-national sponges, Steve has proudly stayed his independent course.

Forseeable costs

Accountable and transparent, Steve never cuts corners nor pads any estimate. On-time and on-budget. Everytime.


Work hard, work fast. You don't have time to waste so neither does Steve.

Go the extra mile

There’s no assembly-line creative here. He’ll happily let the others own that.

Television spot written and directed by Steve Rust.

Veterans Affairs Canada

Introducing The New Pension For Life

Let's talk!

Get in touch with Steve directly via email. If you would like to see work from a specific industry sector, anything from medical devices/PPE to retail to entertainment and more, just ask. He'll send you a PDF with creative specific to your request. Or simply request a quote on your next project.
416 569-5099